New Music Pan-Asian opens on Friday 26 April and closes on Thursday 16 May. Results will be announced Thursday 13 June.

New Music Single is now closed. Results will be announced Thursday 9 May.

NB - PLEASE READ: As of Jan 2024, the 'Artist Creation Fee' is now additional to standard funding commitment amounts. Should your application be successful in securing funding, we will send adjusted budget templates accordingly. As of Sept 2023, application eligibility criteria has changed - with previously released songs no longer eligible for funding. More on the eligibility changes can be found here.

The New Music Single criteria can be viewed here. There are 30 criteria options, you must be able to fulfil at least 10 criteria to be able to submit a New Music Single application. Please note - there is very high demand for New Music Single funding and we are usually only able to fund fewer than 20% of applications.

You can find dates for 2024 Music Funding here.

If you have any questions or issues, please check our FAQ here.