The New Music Single is open now.

Deadline: 4pm - 18th August 2022.

Results published: 15th September 2022.

To start a New Music Single application - First you will need to register below if you haven't already. Once you've registered, login and click on 'Your applications' (top left of the screen), then click on 'Start a new application', then click the 'New Music Single' badge, then click 'Next' to get started.

The New Music Single criteria can be viewed here. There are now 30 criteria options, you must be able to fulfil at least 10 criteria to be able to submit a New Music Single application. Please note - there is very high demand for Single funding and generally we are only able to fund less than 20% of applications.

The June/August New Music Kids round is now closed.

Results published: 19th August 2022.